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How To Reheat Food In The Microwave

The microwave is one of the most used kitchen appliance especially when reheating food. However, when used the wrong way it can cause your food to lose its texture and flavour. Thusit is important to learn about how to reheat foodthe right way. The article below gives you a step by step guide which will help you on how to reheat different kinds of food in the microwave such that they retain their original texture and flavour. For more ways of reheating food, go to this website.

Step 1

When reheating food in the microwave the first step you need to take is choose the right container which you are going to use. The microwave radiates a lot of heat therefore if you use plastic containers they will melt during the heating process. Therefore it is important to always use a microwave safe container. This will help to avoid any bad incidences.

Step 2

When you have chosen the right container the next step is to place the food inside and arrange it in such a manner that it reheats faster. If you are reheating meat then you need to spread it evenly so that it reheats evenly.If food is arranged in a single layer it actually reheats faster.

Step 3

When you have arranged the food the next thing is to add water which will help to keep the food moist. It is important to know that not all foods require you to add moisture. You should only add water to foods like pasta and rice. Water should not be added to baked foods or meat as this causes them to lose their texture and flavour. Before placing the food in the microwave you should cover it with a wet paper cloth or towel. This will help to avoid loss of moisture in your food thus helping to retain its taste and flavour.

NB: never use aluminium foil to cover food you are reheating in the microwave because the aluminium foil can overheat or even ignite in the microwave which can be disastrous.

Step 4

When you have covered the food simply place it inside the microwave and let it reheat for a few minutes. Different foods require different heating times so here is a breakdown of how you should reheat your food.


 If you are reheating soup in the microwave you should reheat it for 3 minutes stopping every 60 seconds so that you can give it a stir.This will help heat to circulate around the soup so that you can eat it while hot.

Rice and pasta

Rice and pasta should be reheated for 1 minute at low heat. Once the 1 minute time mark has passed simply stir the rice or pasta to check it is warm throughout. If not then you need to add an additional 30 seconds.


If you are reheating meat in the microwave then you need to reheat it for 2 minutes on high heat. Make sure that you use a thermometer to read the internal temperature of the meat and it should read 165F.

Baked goods

Baked goods should only be reheated for 45 secondsin the microwave however if you feel that they are not warm enough then you can simply add a few seconds.

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