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Few Things To Know About Eating Lobster

There are certain dishes that can easily capture people’s imagination very easily and lobster is one such food item. Lobster is considered to be king of seafood and its meat is highly enjoyed by people and also enjoyed all over the world.

Rib’N Reef provides exceptional quality of lobster, carefully prepared on a charcoal grill so that all its quality is preserved which will be an enchantment for having the taste buds. You can also enjoy steak along with fruits of your choice.

Following are two commonly available lobsters that you can always find:

  1. American/Canadian lobster

Plenty of lobsters that are imported are usually from Canada if you are living in European country. All these lobsters are transported within tanks and since they do not eat anything, hence their bodies will start breaking down their muscles.

Therefore, ultimately it will mean that they may not have so much meat available in their shells and hence you may not enjoy much.

  1. The native lobster

These lobsters are imported from the UK which will go right from sea to your table within a few days. These native lobsters may be quite sweet, brighter and fuller. If you have got any choice, then you must order for native one.

So, when you visit any restaurant then you must confirm which kind of lobster that they serve. It is always preferable to choose for native lobster which will be more delicious depending upon where you are staying.

Let us discuss how you should eat lobster.

  1. Select your lobster

If you are visiting any restaurant, then some restaurants will offer you to choose the one from their tank. You must not shy away from asking restaurant staff to allow you to choose your lobster.

  1. Prepare to dine

There is a special way of preparing the lobster that your restaurant is surely aware of.

  1. Arrival of lobster

When lobster will arrive at your table, it is quite likely that you will be ready to eat. There is a special smell you can feel. A bowl of tepid lemon water meant for cleansing the hands are also par for the course.

  1. Tastes and textures

Often oven roasted or lightly grilled lobster is served with garlic butter. The fresher the butter it will be. Lobster will have meaty and supple texture with a sweet flavour. Prefer to select fresher lobster which will be tastier.

Prefer to have white wine along with lobster and you will really enjoy your meal.

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