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Serving Foie Gras This Holiday Season  


When the holiday season is just around the corner, and you are hosting a dinner party there is immense pressure on you as a host to impress your guests with exquisite cuisine and turn their evening into a food affair. Serving foie gras at thanksgiving dinners, or Christmas can be your French way to share the love on that dinner table. It can be used to prepare several different food preparations and some are so easy. But before you enter the kitchen and start work, here are a few things you have to do to make everything more streamlined. 

Raw, Cooked, or Half-Cooked Foie Gras? 

If you are planning on cooking it is suggested that you choose raw foie gras. If you don’t want to cook it yourself buy foie gras that has already been cooked. But since the half-cooked version doesn’t stay fresh for very long you might have to make a tough choice here. However, there are several flavors available in the market so give it a try. 

Duck or Goose Foie Gras?

Depending on your liking you can choose to serve duck or goose Foie Gras both taste amazing. The only difference is duck foie gras is more succulent, and less delicate than goose foie gras, but it also definitely it is much cheaper. 

How to check the quality?

While shopping for foie gras, you will come across three variants –whole foie gras, foie gras, and block of foie gras. All these three variants differ in quality but are made of 100% foie gras. Depending on your budget and what you are planning to serve you can choose any one of these three. Quality-wise, the whole foie gras is best, followed by foie gras and block foie gras. 

How to serve Foie Gras?

  • The Classic Way 

One of the best ways to serve foie gras is the classic-way, simply slice it up with a non-serrated knife. Also, it is suggested to dip the knife into hot water each time you slice and arrange them on a cold plate and leave it at room temperature for 15-30 minutes before serving. You can choose to ass brioche or toasted farmhouse bread seasoned with some black pepper and salt to add more flavor and texture.  Also, a fruit or onion chutney can add more definition to the entire dish. 

  • Raw Foie Grass 

If you are not wanting to go classically, simply use a microwave version of it and cut your task in half. Or if you want to cook it, pan-frying it or roasting it in an oven are excellent ways. You can put the fried pieces of foie gras on the top of soup or lentils and make your dinner more festive.

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