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What to eat and not eat before Ayahuasca after COVID-19

SSRI or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors are regarded as antidepressants that work by increasing the serotonin level in the brain of the user. It is in fact a hormone that leads to better wellbeing, appetite and mood in the user. All SSRIs are assured to increase serotonin or good feeling hormone in an individual who is depressed.

All SSRIs are clinically used to reduce depression symptoms in the user. They are one of the best types of antidepressants that are available in the present day market. The list of drugs in this specific category is very vast from Luvox and Sarafem to Paxil and Lexapro, etc.

However, in today’s world of medicine there are ancestral therapies that are gaining worldwide recognition. One of these is the Amazonian herbal medicines. Marosa is a key link in this respect. It is a best helper especially for those individuals who are in lookout for the love, light, feminine energy, universal energy, water energy or energy of the clouds as well as wind.

Marosa is a key link since it assists the user to cure him or herself, his or her heart and open the mind and assist him or her understand people and consider them as they are without criticizing them since in this world no one is perfect.

Marosa is important because it avails the connections with amazing factors viz. Shipibo designs, nymphs, sirens, light, sky, water and moon energy. This plant has the strongest feminine energy and it is liked by those who have an inclination for art.

There are even several other medicinal plants at Amazon Moyano Center which can be explored by the user via a single click at the total comfort of his or her home. One such plant which is vitally sacred too is the liana an herb from the ancestral Amazonians. It is in fact an ayahuasca retreat.

Nevertheless, many wonder what they should eat or avoid prior to ayahuasca after COVID-19. Well the recommended dose is eight weeks prior to ceremony of ayahuasca the intake of antidepressants (all SSRIs) two weeks before and after ceremony, pork, marihuana and all recreational drugs.

One week before and after ceremony; prescription drugs, salt and pepper, fermented foods, citrus fruits, etc. and 3 days before ceremony, the entire medications as well as supplements are preferred. In simple words, the medicinal plants at Amazon Moyano Center is worth exploring.

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