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What Does ‘American Burger Slices’ Actually Mean And Why Are They So Prominent In The AU Market?

We all are obsessed with burgers, and there are multiple reasons why. Burgers are really easy to eat, they are affordable and of course delicious. You get meat, veggies, cheese and delicious buns, a whole meal for usually a few dollars.

I love burgers because of the cheese. A burger is not complete without shiny, oozing American style yellow cheese on top of the patty. It is an essential part of the burger.

American cheese slices are not just a cheese product that we have in our burgers, but a specific type of cheese made to make our burgers better tasting.

American Burger Slices, our favourite is known as Hi-Melt cheese, is a cheese product or processed cheese that is made with more than 50% real cheddar cheese, and the rest is other ingredients. It is orange in colour and this sliced cheese has the right melting ability that is required for a burger. It does not turn into a puddle of liquid cheese when heated but becomes slightly soft and stretchy, perfect for burgers.

There are many false assumptions around American burger cheese slices – such as them being unhealthy.

However, we are glad that this misconception has now cleared. American burger cheese slices do contain real cheese, and they are not bad for your health.

Why Is American Cheese Slices Prominent in the Australian Market?

You will find American cheese slices in many of the restaurants you go to; no burger restaurant scarborough will serve you any other cheese in a real American burger, unless you want a vegan option. American cheese slices have gained huge popularity in the Australian Market in recent years.

Here are some reasons why Australians love American cheese slices:

The Taste and Texture

No other cheese can replace the classic American cheese in a burger. Adding these cheese slices is the right way to treat your burgers. Burger buns can be packed with anything – meat, lettuce, onion, tomato and even pineapple, but if it does not have American cheese, it is incomplete.

American burger slices have a medium-firm consistency and a low-melting-point. After heating, they become a little bit stretchy but easy enough to bite. The texture of American cheese slices is to die for.


American cheese slices are versatile, and they can be used in any burger, hamburger, veggie burger, chicken burger or fish burger. The unique taste of American cheese allows it to mix with anything.

Apart from burgers, it can also be used in sandwiches, cheesesteaks and even mac & cheese.


American cheese slices are convenient to use. They are pre-sliced, so all you have to do is put it onto your burger straight from the package. You don’t have to worry about cutting it into equal slices.

Each slice is individually packed, so when you use one slice, the remaining slices are untouched.

The Best American Burger Slices in Australia

Pure Dairy is one of the leading dairy product manufacturers and suppliers in Australia; they sell the best Hi-melt American burger cheese slices. If you need the best cheese for burgers in bulk, get in touch with Pure Dairy, they will get back to you with additional details.

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