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Types of Dog Food – Give A Nutritious Diet for Your Furry One

Nutritional and balanced food is not only essential for humans, but pets too. Do you know a dog needs 38 nutrients per day? Yes, it’s true. There are a variety of choices available in the market. From them, you can choose the nourishing food that affects the health of your dog positively.

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Here are a few tips that help you in choosing the right food for your dog. Let us know about them in detail:

Dog foods are of 4 types. From them, you can choose the right food for your dog, depending on your and your pet preferences.

Dry foods

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These foods contain less moisture and also affordable compared to others. Also, they remain at room temperature for 1 to 3 hours. These foods are packed in bags or small boxes. This dry food contains meat in a dried or fresh state. They include:

Extrudes (kibbles) – It is made by mixing and grinding the ingredients into a smooth dough. This dough is pushed into the machine to make pellets. These are cooked and then coated with vitamins, fat, and preservatives for shelf life.

Baked foods – These are an ideal choice for kibble feeders. It is because they are cooked at a low temperature and contain a nutritious diet. Also, they contain soft texture and improve digestion.

Biscuits – These are the most common foods that are available on the market in different varieties.

Canned food (wet food)

This food is more palatable and tastier compared to others. They contain more nutritional values, including protein, fat, and water. You can find canned food in tetra packs, pouches, foil trays, and containers. Also, they are available in different formats, such as chunks in gravy, meatloaf, and more.

Raw foods

These foods are available in natural form and also they offer complete nutritional values for your dog. Generally, they are available in freeze or frozen-dried forms. These foods contain ingredients like whole, fresh food items.

These foods improve stamina and energy, even in seniors, limited mobility, and overweight dogs. Also, they provide coat and skin health, dental health, and other benefits, but the diets should be re-hydrated because they absorb moisture from the dogs.

Tips to handle pet food

  • Purchase the food, which is in good condition. Look at the damage signs like discolorations, tears, dents, and so on.
  • When placing pet food within the refrigerator, keep the raw products at the bottom. Look at the package for storage instructions.
  • Adjust the food depending on the pet’s size, activity levels, age, and other factors.
  • After feeding the pet, give fresh water to it.
  • Wash the hands with soap and water before and handling your pet food and it.
  • After feeding, wash the pet’s dishes, utensils, and bowls, and then dry them.

For the overall well-being of your dog, choose the best store that offers high-quality pet food and order today.

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