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Tips When Hosting a Private Event at the Riverside Bar

Are you looking for a convenient, spacious, and comfortable place to host a special event? If so, consider a St Henri bar that has a terrace and other spaces where you and your party can enjoy delicious cocktail and beer menus, along with great food and music. Aside from being roomy, the Riverside bar st henri is spacious enough to hold all of your loved ones and friends, it also offers easy access to a full meal that everyone will enjoy. If you have decided to book a space at the bar, below are some tips to guide you when hosting your next special occasion:

Plan the Menu

Consider how you want the meal to be served. Typically, your options range from a formal sit-down service to a more casual buffet-style setup. Also, you can choose to serve just cocktails, appetisers, and desserts. If your budget is tight, you can consider a daytime luncheon instead of an evening dinner. Regardless of the kind of menu you are planning, make sure to consider the dietary preferences and restrictions of your guests. Also, ask about their bar arrangements. Riverside lets you choose from different personalised options, from an open bar to private party, food truck, and more. If you are hosting a big event, different food and drink minimums may apply. 

Plan the Decoration

To give the venue a personalised feel, use décor and lighting elements. Usually, the space features neutral colour patterns like beige or gray that lets you incorporate your colours into the scheme. Ask the venue about lighting options before book it. Also, pick your table centrepiece carefully as it will become the focal point of the space. 

Although the majority of event venues offer white linens, you can offer it a pop of colour by using colourful linens. If you want a beach-inspired theme, use turquoise-hued tablecloths. Also, linens can be used for coordinating with school colours for a graduation party. 

Consider the Available Technical Equipment

If you are planning to show a personal video during the event or hosting a corporate event, ensure the venue provides multimedia services like ceiling projectors, audio systems, laptops, projection screens. They may also offer podiums and microphones, dance floors, space for a photo booth, and stages for performers. Make sure to ask about these before booking as setup and break-down fees may apply. By hosting your event or celebration at Riverside, you will enjoy top-notch food and service in a unique and welcoming atmosphere. 

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