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All alcoholic drinks located on the shelves of the online catalog are original and have an official license. Russian online wine store has reasonable prices, its own imports, and personal sommeliers. The store is a direct importer of alcohol, which is why we can give the best prices. And only for our guests, there are always “special offers”.

Advertising content is limited to specifying alcohol content, product origin (soil, characteristics), name, composition, manufacturer or vendor data, product development process, terms of sale, product use, and any objective references to product characteristics. The purpose of this limitation is to restrict advertising to objective information about the product. Every permitted advertisement must include a health warning message.

The store employs sommeliers who are constantly developing and undergoing training with tastings. They will easily select the most suitable alcoholic beverage for your event. They will suggest the best options, taking into account the subtlety of preferences and the individuality of the approach to each client, they will 100% help you choose the right drink, advise, quickly and competently place an order, monitor the timely delivery. The Buyer has the right to return the goods if the Goods have not been in use, their packaging has not been broken and the presentation is preserved.

They are always glad to see you! Constant updating of the assortment, special promotions, discounts, and interesting offers from a direct supplier allow you to choose myskhako of impeccable quality and with maximum benefit. In 25 Member States, there are legally binding restrictions on sponsorship from the alcoholic beverage industry at the country level. Twenty-six Member States have imposed restrictions on sales promotions by manufacturing companies, retailers, and beer/bar owners. Outright bans on sponsorship of events or sales promotions by the alcohol industry are more often applied to spirits than to beer or wine.

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