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What makes Welsh Gin So Favored By All?

Let’s start with the basics, find out what gin is. It is a grain brandy: wheat, barley, rye, or corn, flavored with a maceration of fruits and spices. The fruits used are invariably juniper berries, however, there is as much a mixture of spices and herbs as there are gins. It is therefore not always easy to know which gin to choose, here are some tips.

Choosing a Good Bottle of Gin

You should know that gin is an extremely dry alcohol, so an ordinary gin bought in supermarkets is not made to be drunk alone, but to serve as a base for a cocktail. Choosing the Welsh Gin happens to be a perfect solution there.

Which Gin to Choose?

To drink it pure! If you are a lover of this deliciously old fashioned eau-de-vie, turn to a good bottle of more refined gin that you can enjoy as an after work, as an aperitif or at the end of a meal:

In Europe, the minimum alcohol content of a gin is 37.5%. But its taste and visual appearance can be adjusted by adding sugar and coloring.

What To Drink Gin With?

You would be tempted to respond with anything that can give it acidity, fruitiness and lengthen it (orange juice, sparkling water with citrus fruits, etc.).

Which Gin to Choose To Make Your Cocktails?

A regular gin is a good base. A high-end gin will add character to your drink. Here are the legendary gin-based cocktails recipes that will make you an ace in mixology:

The Dry Martini: an aperitif classic, elegant and refined, made with gin and dry white vermouth (aperitif made with white wine, Martini Bianco or Cinzano). This cocktail is prepared by the glass and not by the shaker: you have to fill the glass halfway with ice cubes, and then add the gin (5cl) and the vermouth (1cl). The cocktail is stirred with a spoon and should be drunk as fresh as possible. It can be served with lemon zest or pitted green olives.

The Gin Fizz, refreshing: 6 cl of gin, 4 cl of lemon juice, 2 cl of cane sugar syrup, 12 cl of sparkling water and 1 slice of lime (no ice). The original recipe contains an egg white if your heart tells you.

Tom Collins, a long drink: crushed ice, 4 cl of gin, 3 cl of lemon juice, 1 tsp of sugar, 12 cl of water sparkling and a cherry

Gin Tonic, essential: who has never wondered how to make a Gin Tonic? Here is the recipe. Crushed ice, 6cl of Gin, Indian Tonic an ingredient related to the chosen gin or 1 lime slice.

Negroni:  Italian cocktail made with gin, red vermouth and Campari. This is a simple and warm recipe, ideal for an aperitif with friends. To decorate the glass, you can add an orange slice.

What Gin to Offer?

Gin is suitable for those who like to share good times. However, there is a large amount of brands. To help you in your choice, we invite you to answer a series of questions about the person to whom you would like to offer gin: link to the choice help module.

For connoisseurs and those who love beautiful brands of spirits, opt for a Welsh. This high-end gin, unusual and with a unique taste, will also suit those who want to discover new flavors.

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