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Type Of Coffee Roast And The Difference Between Them

Do you know what makes your coffee tasty? Is the company or your favorite cafe employee? Well, it may be none of them. What creates the taste of your coffee is the roasting. One good roasted coffee can make your day, whereas a single mistake while roasting your coffee can ruin your day. It is no doubt that coffee roasting is nothing but an art, and not everyone can be an artist. The taste, that bitter strong, yet pleasing scent of freshly roasted coffee, is enough to boost up anyone at any time of the day.

There are various types of roasting. Don’t you think you want to know what kind of roasting you drink every day? If the first paragraph made you curious to know about your coffee in more detail, you would love to go through the entire article. It will help you understand what you like and what you don’t. Even though there can be a vast range of roasting, some of them have a universal position, and HeyCozyffee will help you do this. Let’s start with the significant coffee roasting.

  • Dark Roast of coffee

Dark roast coffee is the easiest one to understand. As the name suggests dark, these beans’ colors are dark black and have a shiny, oily texture. The darkness comes with bitterness. It will be better to say that dark roasting has the bitterest taste. It is thick in the note and can taste a bit spicy on the tip of your tongue. The best thing about dark coffee is that you can feel that oily texture when it goes down your throat, but it won’t be acidic on you.

Espresso and french coffee are the two that most of us get as dark coffee. However, it might not be as dark as the real dark coffee tastes like. However, these two types of available coffee can be made with both dark roasting and medium roasting. If you don’t like bitter things, it will better not to get dark roasted coffee for yourself. It is bitter and healthy as well.

  • Medium Roasting

Beans made for medium roasting are often dry and dull in their look. However, the taste of these is much more on the sweeter side of the beans. It is better to say the more you roast the beans, the more bitter it gets. It is why dark roasting has the bitterest profile, and light roasting has the sweetest profile. There are two different roastings in medium roasting. One is the real medium roasting. The other one is the medium-dark roasting, which gives a balanced combination of sweetness and bitterness.

  • Light roasting

It is the sweetest and mildest roasting. It is the first stage of the beans where they look scorched and pale, giving the light profile to the coffee. Since it is the lightest one in the roasting, it is more acidic. If you like your coffee to be mild, then the light roast is the best option for you.


Now that you know the various types of coffee roastings, it will be easy to understand which you like the most. Get your HeyCozyffee products now and make your coffee.

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