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Tangy Tomato Grain – A Simple and Healthy Lunchbox Recipe

I like how versatile this humble grain Grain might be in many types of cuisines around the globe. From some exotic Sushi to Risotto for that simple curd grain from South India, this ancient grain originates a extended way. You will find if you’re already frustrated as time passes intensive & tiresome cooking means of your Risottos along with the ShahiPulav these quickies will win you over hands lower.

I love the tranquility of those recipes these may be incorporated within the lunch, dinner and it is packed easily within the lunchbox too. Each recipe includes a distinct color, aroma and taste which makes them unique. Red grain, eco-friendly grain, yellow grain… no these are not the sorts of grain nonetheless what they are called given to the grain dishes I pack inside my children to college. So the tomato grain becomes red grain, coriander grain as eco-friendly grain and lemon grain takes the yellow grain.

The happy couple of changes I frequently make within my MIL’s recipe should be to raise the nutritious brown grain, black sesame seeds, and whole black gram as opposed to polished white-colored-colored-colored grain, skinned sesame seeds and de husked black gram.

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Preparation time

fifteen minutes


twenty minutes


2 persons


2 cups pre cooked grain*

1 cup fresh tomato juice/puree

1 eco-friendly chilly

2 teaspoon.vegetable oil

1 small onion

1/2 teaspoon.mustard seeds

1 teaspoon.de-husked black gram

1/4 teaspoon.cumin seeds

A pinch of asafoetida powder

Salt as preferred

A couple of sprigs of curry leaves


Wash making formulations the grain plus it aside. To produce a mug of tomato juice you’ll need 3-4 medium tomato vegetables. Wash the tomato vegetables and merge mixer to make a puree. Filter the puree should you prefer a apparent tomato grain. Peel and slice the onion finely. Chop the eco-friendly chilly.


Heat oil within the wok and crackle mustard and add de husked black gram (dhuliurad dal) & cumin seeds there. Adding diced onion, curry leaves,asafoetida and eco-friendly chilly for that oil and fry it for just one minute. Pour the tomato puree within the wok and frying for the following 3-4 minutes. Make wok within the flame.

Add salt the pre cooked grain and blend well. Pour the above mentioned pointed out stated tempering within the grain and blend it entirely. Serve this Tangy Tomato grain with plain yogurt or maybe a yogurt Raita with vegetables.

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