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Interesting Facts to Know About Balkan Cuisine

People in the Balkans fold this strong belief that life is all about indulging in pleasure. For them, these pleasures often involve a lot of bottomless salads and grilled meat, and of course, the all-time favorite rajika!

When it comes to celebrating Balkan food, you shouldn’t forget about their national drink. Since you won’t often catch them obsessing over cholesterol and calories, the Balkans have turned into a haven for foodie travelers and other tourists who want to escape from their worries about fitting in their favorite clothes.

If you happen to be an avid fan of gastronomy tourism and a proud owner of a traveling stomach, be sure to mark the Balkans as your next potential vacation destination and read on below to learn the reason behind the hype about Balkan food.

Dishes Infused with History and Tradition

Balkan Cuisine relies on recipes that are several centuries old and have been somewhat updated and tweaked through the years.

This cuisine also serves as a melting pot of different influences and cultures, and while there is certainly a significant presence of Turkish influence because most of the Balkans were ruled by the Ottoman Empire for approximately 500 years, the truth is that many of their specialties are a blend of a little bit of everything.

For example, the love for flavorful and meat-heavy plates and the profound use of spices are influenced by Ottoman cuisine. The most well-liked dough-based desserts are borrowed from the Ottomans as well.

But you also shouldn’t overlook the historical influence of nearby countries like Austria, Italy, and Hungary. So if you want your side dish to be a bit of history, you will definitely fall in love with Balkans food.

It’s Different from Your Usual Instagram Food Trend

If you prefer visually appealing meals, you might want to stick to the French because most Balkan dishes don’t exactly look good. However, this is what sets this unique cuisine apart from the rest. Balkan dining is not essentially fine dining, but it will satisfy your stomach and capture your heart.

When asked what Balkan food is all about, the best way to describe it is something that doesn’t look fancy, but will surely satisfy your palate like nothing you have ever tried before.

Stuffed Dish Aficionados Will Celebrate

There is an extensive selection of specialties that involve lots of stuffing vegetables rich in meat and other tasty ingredients. The method is immensely popular in the Balkans. As long as the vegetable can be stuffed, you will surely find a recipe for it.

You can never talk about stuffed specialties without mentioning Sarma. The dish is made up of stuffed cabbage leaves and is a favorite across the Balkans during winter and taste better when cooked longer.

Stuffed peppers are another favorite, especially around October. All authentic Balkan restaurants have to have at least one of these dishes on their menu, or they can never be considered a Balkan restaurant in the first place.

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