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3 Different Kinds of Flour You Need for Cooking

Those who love bread and those who do not eat them will both have a clue as to why it makes up a significant portion of our diet. You might wonder why and how the food became one of the leading foods we have in our diets. Many cultures worldwide enjoy bread as a centrepiece of their cuisine, alongside rice, potatoes, pasta, and other carbohydrate sources. And flour, as one of the main ingredients in bread, also serves as an energy source that people need.

Did you know that we have been using whole grain flour in Singapore and more as an ingredient for a long time? Around 30,000 years ago, we used the first flour ingredients. Scientists found the first evidence of grinding cereals with a stone mortar and pestle and mixing seeds into them. You might be surprised that our ancestors made flour and ate bread alongside their usual fare of vegetables and meats.

So what is flour? Flour is a powder formed by grinding various grains and ingredients. Most of the flour we use is from cereals, but people can make other types of flour by using natural ingredients such as seeds and roots.  High fibre flour and other flour types come from wheat, but when you migrate to places like Central America or look at specific cultures, you can see flour made of rye, corn, rice, and more.

You won’t know what you’re missing if you have not had rye bread or other types of foods made from distinct flour types yet. To make authentic bread and other meals, you need to use the correct type of flour. Your dish is more likely to stay true to its taste and texture when the correct ingredients are used, including flour. Here are some types of flour you need.

1. Whole wheat flour type

Whole wheat flour in Singapore, also known as wholemeal flour, is derived by grinding or mashing the whole grain of wheat. The whole grain is also called wheat berry and has many benefits for those who eat it regularly.

2. Unbleached flour type

Unbleached flour is flour that has not been chemically treated with bleaching agents. An example of this would be chlorine gas. Unbleached flours will mature naturally when in contact with oxygen.

3. Tempura flour type

If you love Japanese food, you know this type of flour. Tempura flour or batter is made with wheat flour and combined with other ingredients for a soft gold colour and crunchy texture.

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