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Best Salmon Dishes That People Should be Aware of!

Salmon is one of the most consumed fishes in the United States owing to its delicious, buttery flavor. Its filet is reddish-orange and it’s firm yet tender. It’s not only delicious but also one of the healthiest food options that are available to you. Salmon has a good amount of calories, is high on protein, and low on unhealthy saturated fats. It is also high in potassium, iron, and vitamins D and B12. If you are wondering as to how to incorporate salmon into your diet, we will tell you how. In this article, we will talk about salmon wellington (แซลมอน เวลลิงตัน, which is the term in Thai) and other dishes that you can eat to stay healthy.

Other Benefits

An added benefit of Salmon is that it is high in omega-3 fatty acids which are healthy and essential. Consuming these fatty acids will lower the risk of a person getting afflicted with cardiovascular diseases, dementia, Alzheimer and even cancer. So if you were unsure about salmon before, you have ample incentives now.

A-List of 14 Popular and Healthy Salmon Dishes

  • Salmon Wellington  
  • Roasted Salmon With Chermoula
  • Teriyaki Salmon With Pak Choi
  • Spiced Salmon With Spinach
  • Salmon With Pesto And Beans
  • Salmon With Roasted Asparagus
  • Smoked Salmon With Risotto
  • Baked Salmon
  • Salmon With Spinach And Garlic
  • Roasted Salmon
  • Pan-Fried Salmon
  • Salmon Pasta
  • Salmon Burgers
  • Salmon Cakes

Lots of other dishes are also available. Salmon is a versatile fish and can be cooked and consumed in several ways so that you can never get bored. You can try making any of these dishes at home if you have an oven or try them out at a restaurant. Either way, the experience is quite rewarding. 

Salmon Wellington and it’s Manifold Attractions

Salmon wellington is not your average salmon dish. With the right ingredients and correct preparation, you can enjoy this irresistible, flaky, savory dish with a side of roasted potatoes and asparagus. It is a puff pastry stuffed with spinach, cheese, and spicy salmon. It is made with several healthy ingredients and is baked, which makes it even healthier. If you’re new to salmon, begin with salmon wellington.

Initiate yourself into the healthy and delicious world of salmon with salmon wellington and other recommended dishes.  

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