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A Slice of the Caribbean in Kansas

A city in Kansas, Baldwin got its first post-office in 1857. The city named after one of its main benefactor John Baldwin was incorporated in 1870. Ever since 1857, this city hosts a festival during third full weekend in the month of October every year. Though it started with the goal of celebrating good harvest, today it is the biggest fall family event that draws 30,000 people annually. Now the celebration includes history tours, quilt show, arts and crafts, theatrical performances, live music and a parade. The city has a humid subtropical climate with mild to cool winters and hot and humid summer.

Where to find the slice of Caribbean

This very city houses a Haitian restaurant Pops and Poosh which offers Caribbean food. The Caribbean, once colonized, has the effects of many countries on their cuisine. Apart from starch staples they people also choose meat and seafood. A laid back lifestyle with the beach and sea is the main attraction of visitors in the Caribbean. But you can just in the comfort of your home to enjoy the taste of Caribbean dishes. What you need is the location and contact of a restaurant run by two brothers Parnell and Gervais. The restaurant that has been there for three years is now planning to expand to be able to offer their iconic dishes to more people.

They offer Haitian patties with fillings like chicken, beef, herring and veggies. Their parents are the chefs who create the magnificent dishes to serve before you. They are still connected to their roots in Haiti and donate 10% of their sales to a school which feeds 80 students on a regular basis. Be a part of their journey of unique Caribbean food and flavor with the satisfaction of donating towards a noble cause.

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