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5 Kombucha Drink Flavours In Singapore

Every time you drink something, you might think of other flavoured beverages with health benefits. Consider looking for a Kombucha drink in Singapore if you want to keep healthy and maintain your energy. Unlike powdered juices and carbonated drinks, this drink can benefit your body. To help you choose one, here are the flavours you can try:


 A Kombucha drink is incomplete if one of the flavours does not have cucumber and celery. And if you are interested in knowing the taste of these two in a beverage, try the evergreen flavour. Red apple, lemon, lucuma, aloe vera water, and baobab are also part of the ingredients.


 If you see a yellow drink on the list, it could be the tropical earth flavour. It helps your stomach be healthy, especially if you have experienced gut problems before. The ingredients include grapefruit, red apple, lemon, and ginger.


 Another Kombucha flavour in Singapore is revitalising red. This drink has the same ingredients but includes watermelon, baobab, and lucuma. If you want to try this flavour, you can guarantee that your gastrointestinal system is healthy.


 Anticipate that this drink has lemon and orange in the ingredients because of its name. But, you can also include coconut water, carrot, and probiotics in the beverage to complete the taste.


 You will also see a Kombucha drink with carrot, beetroot, and burdock root. They are available in the flavour of sweet beets, helping your gut be healthy. But if you are pregnant, ask your doctor first before drinking.

Kombucha drinks have various flavours, giving different benefits to your body. But if you want to try everything, it is also okay. Learn more about drinks by visiting the website of Antidote. They also have Kombucha tea in Singapore. Look for something that could help you while satisfying your thirst.

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