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Your Brief Guide to Cured Meats

Are you a big meat eater? Cured meats are one of the most popular options on the market. That’s part of why meat consumption in the united states rises on the regular.

But, what are the healthiest types of cured meats? And how do you get them? And what, exactly, are cured meats?

Read on to find all about cured meats.

What Are Cured Meats?

Cured meats are meats that are preferred in particular ways. Usually, this involves spices and salt.

But, cured meat can be prepared in different ways, depending on the type of meat and the end result you’re going for.

Wet and dry curing methods are the most common for curing meat. Wet curing processes involve using wet brine to help cure the meat. And, dry curing methods don’t involve any liquids. But, all curing methods involve large amounts of salt, in order to render the meat safe to eat.

Types of Cured Meats

Obviously, there are lots of different types of cured meats.

Different types of cured meats may have different nutritional values, based on the curing process. The type of meat used will also have an effect on the taste and nutritional value.

Proscuitto, for example, is a pork-based variety of grilled meat. This type of cured meat is air-dried, and heavy on the salt. That means that it’s okay to eat without cooking it in advance. Pepperoni, on the other hand, is made from a combination of pork and beef. It’s safe to eat without being cooked, but it’s much better tasting if you do cook it in advance. That’s why pepperoni pizza is so good.

But, there are lots of other cure meats out there for you to try. These include pastrami, jamon serrano, andouille, bologna, and many more.

If you’re working to stay healthy, make sure you do your research. Then, you can start shopping and get healthy deli meat here.

Curing Meat At Home

If you decide to cure your own meat, it’s very important to understand the safety procedures involved.  But, it’s always important to use proper techniques. If you cure your meat incorrectly, you can make yourself very sick.

YOu can talk to medical professionals and food safety professionals in your life to see what they recommend to help you keep yourself safe.

And, it’s also important to understand how long your cured meat will stay safe to eat. Essentially, the amount of salt you use will help determine how long it seems safe to eat. But, the more salt you use, the more problematic the salt content will be for your health.

Cured Meats: Now You Know

As you can see, there’s a lot to learn about cured meats. So feel free to sample a lot of different types, and find out what you enjoy.

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