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Where Can I Find Crab Apples For Sale?

Crab apples once used to be common place in the UK. They could be found growing in almost every garden and in the wild as well.

Since the 1970’s, crab apple trees have sadly gone into decline. Around the British countryside, we are seeing less and less of them. However, now crab apples are beginning to see a revival. It is about time. Not only do the apples taste great, but there are many other benefits of growing crab apples than the fruit.

You will find crab apple trees for sale with experienced growers such as Chris Bowers and Sons.

Reason Why You Should Grow Crab Apples In Your Garden
Although other varieties of apple trees produce beautifully scented flowers, there is something special about crab apple tree flowers.

Perhaps it has something to do that many of us are a little bit nostalgic about crab apples, but gardeners do say that the flowers are more highly scented. Are the flowers more colourful? It is a matter of opinion, but once again, many growers of crab apples say that think their trees produce a more colourful flower.

You can say that crab apple trees have their own “followers” as it is called these days.

Different Varieties Of Crab Apple Trees

Yes, there are different varieties of crab apple trees. If you are not sure which variety is right for your garden, all you have to do is to ask. Would you like to know about the different varieties of crab apple trees for sale? The smart thing to do, is to get in touch with experienced growers such as Chris Bowers and Sons.

Alternatively, you can visit one of the many garden shows that takes place up and down the UK in the summer.

Are Crab Apple Trees Good For Wildlife?

It is believed that part of the reasons we have seen the decline of bird species in the UK, is because we are not growing such a great variety of fruit trees any more. There is mainly anecdotal evidence, but many keen gardeners claim that they have seen more birds in their garden after adding crab apple trees. One thing is for sure, pollinators are drawn to crab apple blossom.

Other insects appear to favour the trees as well. It is said that many insects like to overwinter in the safety of crab apple trees.

Are Crab Apples Easy To Grow?

The answer to that question is yes. Even if you have never grown an apple tree in your life, there is no reason why you should not make room for one in your garden.

Do they need special growing conditions? No, crab apples don’t need any special growing conditions. All you need to worry about is planting them in the right way and in a spot in the garden they are going to like. After that, they will pretty much get on with it themselves. It is also worth pointing out that there are different varieties of crab apple trees. They are all hardy and will often grow in spots where other trees will not grow.

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