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What Are the Surprising Benefits of Beer?

Did you know that the United States consumes nearly 30 billion gallons of beer every year? While there can be many negative side effects to drinking in excess, did you know there are benefits of beer when it’s drunk in moderation?

Some people believe that beer doesn’t serve much of a purpose other than to drink it and feel a buzz. But beer can serve a lot of purposes that are good for you. In this article, you will learn about the different ways drinking beer can be good for your health, and why you should consider an occasional brew.

Benefits of Beer

Beer has been around for a long time, for as long as recorded history. From the Sumerians 6,000 years ago, to the Egyptians, Romans, Germans, and more, beer has been enjoyed throughout the centuries.

There are numerous reasons why beer has been so popular, and part of that is because it’s good for you. Below are just a few ways beer is beneficial.

Nutritional Value

There are multiple reasons why beer is beneficial, and one of them is because of the nutritional value of beer. Beer contains a large amount of protein and vitamin B which are needed every day. It also contains a large number of antioxidants, calcium, and iron.

The barley in beer also provides a mineral called silicon. Silicon is good for multiple parts of your body, but especially for bone growth and density. This mineral can even help prevent conditions such as osteoporosis.

Heart Health

Do you love opening a cold one after a long day? Your heart does too! Studies have shown that drinking beer can lead to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

In moderation, its been found that drinking beer leads to a decline in bad cholesterol. One study from the European Association for the Study of Diabetes shows that those who drink a few times a week are less likely to get diabetes than those who don’t drink at all.

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Mental Health

Finally, drinking beer is good for your mental health. Once again, silicon is the key ingredient for this benefit. Besides strengthening your bones, this mineral increases blood flow to the brain and lowers your chances of cognitive diseases.

One study has even shown that those who drink beer are 23% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s than those who do not. Beer has also been linked to improving memory and increasing your overall cognitive function. This is due to a compound found in hops called Xanthohumol, which slows the decline in your memory.

Benefits Enjoyed Responsibly

There are many great benefits of beer that have been covered in this article. From nutritional value to heart and mental health, you might not have expected to learn so much.

While there are many benefits of drinking beer, one must remember to drink responsibly, and in moderation. Too much consumption of alcohol can lead to side effects you don’t want to experience.

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