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Washing Fruits and Vegetables Properly

Whether you purchase the fruits and vegetables offline or online, you need to ensure that you proceed properly. There has been several advice running across social media, about washing fruits and vegetables. Make sure that you do not fall in the trap. 

FDA and CDC have often asked to follow their recommendations to ensure that they can wash their fruits and vegetables properly. Washing the food items under warm water and cold running water can be helpful for getting over bacteria, dirt and residues. 

As per the reports by FDA, “Many pre-cut, bagged or packaged produce items are pre-washed and ready-to-eat. If so, it will be stated on the packaging, and you can use the produce without further washing.”

When you purchase the vegetables online, you need to wash it regularly. It is often advised to not purchase pre-cut vegetables. The details of the packaging and washing is mentioned in the package itself. So, make sure to check the conditions and terms before purchasing the products. 

Here are the guidelines stated for washing the products

  1. Before beginning to wash fresh produce, make sure to use clean hands. It is advisable to wash the hands for around 20 seconds with warm water and soap before cleaning the produce. Also, you should wash the products after you’re done cleaning the products. 
  2. Make sure to sanitize or wash cutting boards, utensils and dishes. It is better to use lukewarm water for cleaning the dishes. You should also clean the fruits and vegetables with lukewarm water to ensure the products are cleaned properly. 
  3. Discard the damaged part of fruits and vegetables before preparing and eating. Also, make sure to clean it after discarding the products. You should avoid accepting any produce that looks rotten. 
  4. It is better to avoid using leafy vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage. It is necessary to clean these leafy vegetables thoroughly because it may be prone to accumulation of dust and dirt. 
  5. Wash all the products in running water before preparing or eating. When you purchase the produce line, you will need to use safe detergents and soap. Commercial produce wash shouldn’t be the only thing to consider because it may have certain side-effects. 
  6. If you purchase products such as melons and cucumbers, you need to scrub it proper. Produce brushes are available online, which is why you need to keep a check with it. 

You may find sanitization products to wash off your vegetables, but it may be unsafe to use. Le Fruitier suggests to follow the advice by CDC and FDA while washing products online. 

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