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Try Out These 3 Best Greek Foods To Rejoice Your Health Once Again

EXCERPT: Bring the original taste of Greece to your home this summer. Discover the best griechisch restaurant in your area and enjoy heart-healthy Greek foods with aromatic herbs.

Have the January blues and lockdown got you looking for a Mediterranean escape? Are you longing to sit in a taverna with a glass of wine, enjoying the waves on the shore? Those times will come soon. Meanwhile, let’s discover a few Greek cuisines you can order online right from your home.

  1. Dolmades

Each Greek restaurant offers a unique variety of dolmades. Be it the typical vine leaf pack or the empty veggies stuffed with chopped meat, long-grain rice and seasonal herbs. These herbs may often include fennel, dill, and oregano with pine nuts. Dolmades then undergo oven baking to offer a palatable serving.

  • Taramasalata

Don’t miss out on the classic dips like tzatziki (yoghurt, cucumber and garlic) and fava (creamy split peas puree). That doesn’t mean you should miss the mainstay of any Greek meal—Taramasalata. This luscious fish roe dip will leave you overwhelmed.

It is a creamy blend of white fish roe (often pink) added with a few breadcrumbs or potatoes. The final serving done at griechisch restaurant includes a sprinkle of olive oil or a lemon squeeze.

  • Grilled Meat

The one thing you must try out is the Greek grilled meat. TBH, Greeks are the real masters of charcoal-grill and spit-roast meat. Go for the Souvlaki—threaded meat chunks roasted in the grill. Enjoy the delicious meat platter with a pitta bread full of tomato and onion slices with loads of tzatziki dip.

You can even order a Gyro platter that comes with the same serving. Find a local griechisch restaurant nearby to get all kinds of meat platters.

Are you a culinary lover of Greek foods? Halloessen offers a range of Mediterranean cuisines along with their classy dips. Place your orders online with the best taverna in the town.

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