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Top 6 US States for Organic Farmers

Organic farming is a kind of farming that focuses on using renewable resources and conservation of soil and water. This is done in a way that helps enhance environmental quality for future generations. So, all in all, if you’re a farmer worried about the environment organic farming is for you. However, it’s undeniable that some states are much better for organic farmers than others. As such, considering the choice of state before you begin is fairly important to your success. Fortunately, figuring out which state is right for you isn’t too hard, although it might require some research. Today, we made a list of the top 6 US states for organic farmers in order to make the choice easier for you.

  1. Vermont

Starting the list of the top 6 US states for organic farmers is Vermont. Vermont has, by far, the largest number of organic farms compared to other states. This is because of several reasons: firstly, Vermont’s climate is well suited for farming in general. This also applies to organic farming, and it shows, as around 10% of farms in Vermont are organic. Additionally, Vermont has a lot of resources both online and in-person to help new organic farmers get situated and help them start their farming the right way. Truly, if you plan on doing organic farming in Vermont, you can feel the benefits of growing your own food. Organic farmers really can’t go wrong with choosing Vermont as the state for their farms.

  1. Tennessee

Next up on the list of the top 6 US states for organic farmers, Tennessee is a unique one. As it stands, Tennessee has one of the smallest organic farm percentages in the states. However, the number of organic farmers in the state has been growing steadily, and Tennessee has invested a lot in helping organic farmers out. Most notably, the University of Tennessee is one of many places which does constant research into how to make organic farming research more effective. Additionally, places like the University of Tennessee offer workshops for farmers interested in organic farming. All in all, Tennessee might not be the biggest state for organic farming at the moment, but the state is making strides in the field. However, if you plan to move there and start your farm, remember to rely only on local movers to get you there. Experts can assist you where needed.

  1. Maine

Maine currently has the second-largest organic farming communities in the US. Additionally, Maine has an annual fair dedicated to organic farmers. Visitors can come to enjoy organic food, live music, and a lot of educational opportunities. This year was also a record-breaking year for the Common Ground Country Fair. Visitors interested in organic farming came from all over the state, and some of them even started their own farms since. All in all, organic farming has a very strong presence in Maine, which makes it another great choice for organic farmers looking to get started. And if you’re planning to start your own organic farm, remember to think ahead about what you’ll be growing. Consider carefully: is fruit healthy? What is the best choice for growing in Maine?

  1. Iowa

Iowa already has a very large presence in the organic farming world. However, Iowa’s organic farming scene is still growing, and it shows no signs of stopping. Most notably, Iowa’s organic farmers mostly grow corn, soybeans, and other oats, with the state producing 30% of the organic oats nationwide. Of course, organic farmers in Iowa also grow all other types of produce, but corn and soybeans are, by far, the most common. When it comes to resources for new farmers, Iowa doesn’t have as much as the other states on this list. Still, the number of organic farms in the states keeps growing, and Iowa shows a lot of promise for newcomers. Although, if you plan on moving here to start an organic farm, experts from spydermoving.com note that you should think about the exact location of your home very carefully.

  1. Wisconsin

Wisconsin is currently one of the national leaders when it comes to organic farming. This is because there is a massive number of organic farms in the state, and the produce they make is very diverse. Pretty much any kind of produce you can think of can be found organically raised in Wisconsin. This makes Wisconsin a particularly good fit for anyone trying to start an organic farm, and maybe other businesses as well. For example, because of the availability of diverse produce, organic restaurants are a good fit in Wisconsin. Of course, you’ll have to think carefully about your menu choice. Think about things such as what are the most popular types of salad and so on. All in all, however, you can’t go wrong with starting an organic farm in Wisconsin.

  1. Oregon

Much like Tennessee, Oregon is interesting when it comes to organic farming. The state has a relatively large organic farming scene but also focuses a lot on research involving it. After all, Oregon was always known as a pioneer in agriculture, and this is no different when it comes to organic farming. This is what makes Oregon a good choice for organic farmers, as there are many resources to help new farmers out, and the state is constantly looking for ways to make organic farming more efficient. All in all, Oregon might be a bit riskier than other states on the list, but it comes with its own benefits.

Top 6 US states for organic farmers – wrap up

Organic farmers looking to get started have quite a few good choices in the US. Whether you’re looking for an already established organic farming scene, or something a bit riskier, you can find a good location to start your own organic farm. However, you shouldn’t rush the choice; take your time and look into the specifics of each state before coming to a decision. We hope that this list of the top 6 US states for organic farmers helps you start your own organic farming career, and we wish you a good day.

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