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Saffron has indeed broken all the records and now become one of the costliest spices, but there are so many things that you don’t know about it. Saffron originated from one of the most beautiful counties, i.e., Arabia. And once saffron spice has gained popularity in this market, it made its appearance in the rest of the world. We are glad that saffron has traveled throughout the globe because it has so many exceptional medicinal properties.

This might surprise you, but to make 1 kg of saffron, you will need around 200,000 fresh flowers. You might wonder why so many flowers are needed. So, let’s tell you. See, what happens is every flower only has three segments. Once every segment is plucked, they are then dried. This is why the saffron price is too high.

Where can you purchase saffron from?

Even though this spice is costly, you can easily find saffron in any local grocery store. To be more specific, you can shop from stores that exclusively sell exotic spices and herbs. Also, don’t worry if you like to shop online because various online stores offer the best saffron quality.

Red saffron

If you search for the purest form of saffron spice, you should put your hands on red saffron. This kind of saffron has that fresh and aromatic flavor, helping you make each of your dishes flavorful. Surprisingly, red saffron also has various advantages, and it is incredibly beneficial for health. Like it can help in losing weight, it can fight cancer symptoms; it can help with depression, and more. But sadly, the market is filled with fake saffron. However, you can easily find red saffron by avoiding yellow and orange color saffron. 

Storing of saffron

Just as carefully you have purchased saffron, you should be that careful when you are storing it. If you don’t want the saffron to lose its aroma and flavor, do not put it in any plastic container or any other kind of bag. If you have not noticed yet, sellers put a lot of thought into the way how saffron should be packed. This is because they understand that saffron needs excellent packing.

Price of saffron

Just as we have mentioned before, you can never find cheap saffron. And if the saffron price is too reasonable to be true, avoid purchasing it because it’s FAKE! Besides being fake, cheap saffron also means that it is not that fresh and flavorful. Long story short- never ever buy low priced saffron. 

What you can make with saffron

No matter whether you are a big-time fan of savory dishes or if you like sweets, you can easily prepare anything with saffron. You can either directly add saffron threads into your dish or can add the powder by grinding saffron. 


Saffron is a great spice, and you will not regret purchasing it. But remember that you should use it within six months.

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