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Plant-Based Beginners: How to Slowly Incorporate Foods Into Your Diet

Did you know that over 9 million Americans have transitioned to a plant-based diet in the last 15 years? This is a 300% increase in plant-based eaters in that time period. 

Are you considering going plant-based as well? Plant-based beginners might struggle with the change at first so it’s important to know some tips that can help you with the transition. 

This guide will tell you everything you need to know. Keep reading to learn more. 

Start One Day at a Time 

If you want to transition to a clean lifestyle you should take it one day at a time. It sounds simple but making small changes over time will benefit you more than trying to change your entire diet overnight. 

If you make too many changes too quickly you’ll be more tempted to revert to your old ways. Start by eliminating meat from your diet one day during the week. 

Increase the number of plant-based meals each day until you’ve made the full transition. 

Purchase the Essentials 

Another way to slowly incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet is by purchasing the essentials. There are staple foods that are part of every vegan diet. 

Keep your pantry full of things like brown rice, quinoa, beans, lentils, nuts, and flax seeds. You can’t forget about plant-based proteins like tofu and tempeh. If you want GMO-free foods you can choose gluten free protein too. 

Stock your fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables as well. 

Find Alternatives to Your Favorite Dishes 

Plant-based for beginners also means finding similar vegan alternatives for your favorite meat-filled dishes. This is one way to make the transition to a plant-based diet without craving your old diet too much. 

Burgers and shepherd’s pie can be made using meatless alternatives made from soy. There are many great vegan kinds of cheese on the market if you’ve been craving some delicious mac & cheese. 

Find Vegan Restaurants 

Other veganism for beginners tips you should consider to help you make the transition is checking out vegan restaurants. With the increasing demand for vegan food, there are more vegan take-out options to choose from today than ever before. 

You’re not just limited to eating the salad or fries anymore. You’ll find all kinds of delicious meals at restaurants inspired by the beef and chicken dishes you loved eating before. 

Try New Recipes in the Kitchen 

When you want to transition to clean eating it’s always best to try creating your own healthy recipes. If you aren’t sure what you’ll like or where to start there are plenty of resources online where you can find inspiration. 

If you’re craving some tacos you can create a delicious dish using jackfruit. Wings can be made using cauliflower and some buffalo sauce. 

The Best Tips for Plant-Based Beginners

Plant-based beginners should follow the tips in the guide above to transition to a vegan lifestyle. You should stock up on essentials like grains, beans, and gluten-free proteins.

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