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Make Healthy Diet Choices – Compelling Reasons to Switch to Low Acid Coffee

Coffee is a beverage most of us enjoy and have fond memories with. Coffee promotes alertness and is super-addictive. Coffee-addicts don’t go a day without a couple of cups of coffee. It serves as a natural painkiller and is good for your cognitive health. There are even studies, which prove coffee brings down mortality rate.

However, coffee isn’t without downsides. Coffee is healthy as long as it is taken in moderation due to its acidic nature. A lot of people experience uncomfortable symptoms like heart burn and acid reflux after consuming too much coffee making it difficult for them to enjoy their daily dose of caffeine. 

Why does coffee cause uncomfortable symptoms for some?

Acids are generally present in food stuff. The organic acids in coffee are what that deliver antioxidant effects. The acid present in coffee cause gastro problems for some. Generally unhealthy foods, spicy foods and sugar worsen acid reflex. If you are more prone to acid reflex, you’d be advised to cut down foods that worsen symptoms. 

Opt for healthier alternative:

You don’t have to give up on coffee to keep its associated uncomfortable symptoms at bay. Several coffee manufacturers have introduced low-acid coffee varieties to combat the side-effects of coffee. If you want to know more about low-acid coffee visit reliable online sources like MyFriendsCoffee.

The website is exclusively for coffee lovers and contains detailed information on coffee including best low-acid coffee beans and brewers in the market and lets you compare the top coffee brands. These low-acid coffees are usually sourced from countries like Mexico, Sumatra or Brazil where the coffee beans cultivated are naturally less acidic.

Benefits of low-acid coffee:

  • Good for digestive system: People who have gastritis or peptic ulcers can benefit from low-acid coffee since it doesn’t trigger excess juices in the stomach. It doesn’t affect the throat and stomach lining. Elders who have stomach issues don’t have to worry about bloating, nausea and diarrhea.
  • Beneficial for lactose intolerant and gluten-sensitive people: If you skip dairy products due to health conditions like lactose-intolerance you tend to miss out on other nutrients. Low-acid coffee reduces inflammation that is triggered by regular coffee. 
  • Helps with insomnia: Taking more cups of regular coffee a day increases insomnia. Lower the chances of insomnia with low-acid coffee.
  • Dental health: Normal coffee causes dental issues like destroying dental enamel, abrasions and staining of teeth in the long run which isn’t the case with low-acid coffee. Retain your pearly whites by switching to this healthier alternative.

How to naturally reduce the acidic level in coffee?

Dark roasts have less acidity. You could also cold-brew coffee to reduce its acidity. If you’d rather go for hot-brew coffee, follow the Chemex or French-press brewing method. Though the resulting coffee is more acidic than cold-brew it still reduces the acidic levels. You could also switch from Robusta to Arabica coffee.

Low-acid coffee is definitely healthier than regular coffee. It is easily available in the market currently. Find a reputable brand and reap its health benefits.

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