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Are Cheese Curds an Entree or Main?

Although cheese curds have cheese in their name, they are completely different to any other kind of cheese. Cheese curds are a special kind of cheese or by-product of the cheesemaking process, which is eaten fresh. During the cheesemaking process, curds are separated from the whey and sliced up.

Unlike other cheese, cheese curds are very healthy, so many people worldwide love them. Cheese curds are full of nutrients; they contain a good amount of protein and calciumessential for our body. The best thing about these healthy cheese curds is that they can be the perfect diet food to help you lose weight or build muscle in a delicious way.

Many restaurants have started using cheese curds as a healthy alternative for fries and chips due to their health benefits.

However, many restaurants are often confused about how to serve cheese curds to make a complete balanced meal. Since they are so versatile, they can be used as a starter, main, or even a side dish. It’s all up to you how and what you want to add to your menu that includes cheese curds. Confused? Let me give you some ideas about how you can serve cheese curds in various ways, from starters to mains.

Cheese curds as entrée

A restaurant needs to ensure its entrée dishes are the best as they set the expectation for all upcoming dishes.

Some of the best cheese curds dish that can be served as entrée are:

  1. Raw cheese curds: Yes, cheese curds are best when eaten fresh and raw. You can enjoy the authentic squeakiness and freshness of cheese curds without losing any of their nutrition. A fresh and great dish to start off the meal.
  2. Fried cheese curds: Serve them as an entrée or side; fried cheese curds is one of the best cheese curd dishes so far. Dip cheese curds in a mixture of flour and egg with some breadcrumbs and then fry until crisp. These hot and crispy curds can also be used as a side or alternative for fries.
  3. Baked cheese curds: Don’t like an oily fried dish? Instead of frying cheese curds, you can bake them too. Less oily and healthier.
  4. Cheese curd salad: A regular salad is too boring, but with the help of cheese curds, you can turn even a salad into a delicious dish. Add some fresh cheese curds and fruits (especially apple) to your salad to make the best low carb appetizer for your customer.

Cheese curds as the main

Apart from a great starter, cheese curds can be used to make a complete main dish too. Here is how you can serve it as a main dish.

  1. Poutine: It’s the most famous Canadian cheese curd dish, which can be the best option to add as a main dish. Poutine is the complete combination of flavour and texture in a single bowl. With some fries, cheese curds, and gravy, it tastes heavenly.
  2. Cheese curd roll: It’s not a chicken roll or a spring roll; it’s a healthy roll, i.e., cheese curd roll. It’s similar to other rolls, but instead of meat, you can use cheese curds to make the roll healthy and delicious. Fry the cheese curds before adding them to the roll to enhance the taste.
  3. Cheese Curds Casserole: A perfect dish for meat and cheese lovers that has lots of flavours. Add cheese curds, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, spinach and lots of seasonings to give your casserole a great punch of flavour.

There are lots of main dishes that you can make with cheese curds like bacon wrapped cheese curds, burgers, toppings for pizza, cheese curd stuffed meatballs, sandwiches, hash browns and many more. There is no end to it; you have endless options to impress your customers.

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