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8 Different Types of Burgers You Absolutely Must Try

According to Library of Congress researchers, the burger was invented by a guy called Louis Lassen way back in 1900. In fact, his burger is still served today at an inconspicuous diner in New Haven. There’s another story that states a Texas man called ​​Fletcher Davis first put meat to bun in the 1880s.

Whatever the origin of this iconic sandwich, what’s clear is that it’s no longer, well, simple. Today, there are literally hundreds of different types of burgers.

Japanese burger lovers are a fan of various meats sandwiched between bamboo charcoal buns. There are super cute burgers modeled after Mario’s mushrooms. Or maybe you remember the hoopla around KFC’s release of the infamous Double Down?

Read on for your 21st-century burger bucket list!

  1. Classic Bacon Cheese Burger

Pretty much every fast food joint and old-school diner will have a bacon cheeseburger on their menu.

In fact, this is one menu item that is pretty much guaranteed to be delicious. (Of course, whether a particular burger is named Trip Advisor best burger is another story.)

Simplicity is a crucial component of these types of burgers. There are no fancy cheese or gourmet additions. Stick with a square of standard American cheese, good quality bacon, a meaty pattie, ketchup.

Some very daring people might add pickles, a slice or two of tomato, and lettuce.

  1. Greek Burger

What’s the key to an excellent Greek burger, you ask? First, you need to swap out the beef pattie for one made of lamb.

Once you’ve got your juicy lamb mince sorted, it’s time to assemble the complimentary toppings.

Channel the zingy flavors of a Greek salad. Make a tzatziki-based burger sauce; cheese slices transform into feta. Add tomatoes, cucumber, and crispy lettuce.

If you really want to channel the Greek isles, sprinkle some sliced black olives or flavor your (homemade, of course) lamb pattie with mint.

  1. Arugula and Caramelised Onion Burger

Arugula burst onto the American culinary scene around twenty years ago. Since then, its signature peppery flavor has elevated our salads, pasta dishes, pizzas, and all types of burgers cooked to perfection.

It pairs exceptionally well with the sweet notes of caramelized onion, which is probably why you so often see these paired together on all manner of sandwiches. Due to the robust flavors of both ingredients, choose a lighter flavored pattie: chicken, turkey, or vegetarian.

  1. Mushroom Beef Burger

We’ve been pairing beef and mushroom since French chef Charles Brière invented stroganoff in 1891. Though, to be honest, since this culinary combo tastes so incredible, the history probably extends much further back than that.

So it’s not surprising that the mushroom-red meat partnership made its way to the world of burgers. Most often, a mushroom beef burger is topped with a hearty, holey slice of Swiss cheese.

If you want to make this burger a tad healthier, hold the cheese and use lean beef for the pattie, a sourdough or wholemeal bun, and field-fresh mushrooms.

  1. Black Bean Burger

While there are more types of veggie burgers on the market today than ever before, the black bean burger is still the most famous.

Black beans burgers might, at first glance, look like a regular beef burger. This is because they have that signature slightly charred exterior. However, they’re actually crafted from a mix of beans, vegetables, and grains like rice or quinoa.

Top a black bean patty with anything you would add to a regular beef burger. To keep it vegan-friendly, stick with vegan cheeses and mayos.

  1. Southern BBQ Pork Burger

Has there ever been a time in America when southern BBQ sauce wasn’t popular? The signature smoky-sweet flavor, sometimes with a touch of chili, complements everything from fries to ribs.

Southern BBQ pork burgers take the best bits of a southern-style BBQ and put it all into one handheld dinner package. Sandwich creamy coleslaw and succulent pulled pork inside a dinner-roll style bun. Then pile on as much extra BBQ sauce as you can handle.

And since every region has a signature flavor sauce, you could eat these burgers every day of the week and not get bored.

  1. Hawaiian Burger

There are two types of people in this world: those who love pineapple in savory dishes and those who don’t. If you’re in the pineapple-on-pizza camp, you’re bound to love a Hawaiian burger.

That’s because a thick slice of sweet yet chargrilled pineapple is one of the burger toppings that make this sandwich stand out from the crowd. The grilling caramelizes the fruit, which pairs well with cheese, tangy sauces, and onions.

Try to use fresh over canned pineapple and either pork or turkey for the meat if you make this burger at home.

  1. Salmon Burger

One of the best burger toppings around is fresh-caught fish. If you want to take things up a notch in terms of luxury, choose salmon.

Ideally, you want to take a juicy fillet of salmon and either batter it or coat it in breadcrumbs. Fry or bake it, then top your burger with garlic-lemon aioli and some pickled red onion.

If you’re on a budget, you could even flake canned salmon into a potato-based fish cake to get the same taste. Oh, and Crumbed salmon popcorn just happens to go amazingly well in a sub as much as sandwiched between two halves of a burger bun.

Different Types of Burgers for Everyone!

Are you a classic burger lover or a veggie burger connoisseur? Perhaps you prefer to create your own different types of burgers rather than go with what’s popular. Oh, and don’t forget those fries on the side, too!

However you like your burger, it’s important to remember to use the best quality ingredients you can. That way, you’ll have a meal that’s not only delicious but also surprisingly healthy.

For more eating advice, head back to our blog and read our other food-focused articles.


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