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4 Ways to Better Enjoy Egg and Spinach Noodles in Singapore

As a food type, traditional egg noodles in Singapore are typically quite nutritious. However, modern culinary innovation has made it possible to consume healthier noodles. And after a while, you may wonder if there are only so many ways to consume noodles daily. If yes, then have no fear.

Here are four ways to enjoy noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without becoming bored.

  1. Consider low-carb noodles.

Low-carb noodles are easier on the stomach and more nutritious than many of their conventional counterparts. Regular consumption of high-carb foods can cause the body to store more fat and raise blood sugar levels, which contribute to weight gain. Low-carb noodles also go well with prawn paste from Singapore because it retains flavour.

  1. Use plant-based noodles.

Animal-based and starch-based noodles are not as healthy as you may believe for daily consumption. In addition, some instant noodle brands use eggs and other non-vegan ingredients that negate the benefit of eating plant-based foods.

Eating primarily plant-based noodles, like spinach noodles in Singapore, offers a guilt-free dining experience that you can prepare in minutes and enjoy without worrying about what you’re consuming. In addition, instant ramen almost always includes a flavouring packet, so the taste is secured.

  1. Incorporate relevant ingredients.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner ramen made with traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner ingredients will taste natural for the time of day. It occurs due to the mind’s ability to associate certain stimuli with situations, similar to how you naturally associate eggs and bacon with breakfast; and steak with dinner. Adding a ramen element such as mala sauce from Singapore to these time-honoured traditional ingredients will match the time of day you will eat.

  1. Cook recipes like comfort food.

Substituting healthy ramen noodles for pasta and rice in comfort food recipes yields a similar flavour with a twist. Noodles have always been a comfort food, something that tastes familiar and welcome. It’s ideal for tight budgets. Consider buying egg noodles in Singapore to have a glimpse of soul food from your native Asian roots.

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