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4 Most Adventure Activities you can explore in Dubai

Dubai is the glamorous city of the world. The city shines throughout the world for its luxury and extravagant life. However, there is more than what meets the eye. Nowadays, Dubai is also popular among adventure junkies. The adventure seekers are keeping Dubai on their bucket list. Besides enjoying your luxurious trip to the city, you can also enjoy some thrilling adventurous activities. Dubai serves in every sphere which makes it an ideal and popular travel destination.  

There are a plethora of options available in the city to highlight your experience.  Both outdoor and indoor activities will blow your mind. The world of adventure awaits you in Dubai. The IMG World Dubai Tickets help you to explore every possible activity and feed your soul exclusively in an indoor environment. To maximize your experience in Dubai, here is a list of adventurous activities you can dive into.

Dune Bashing

Hold your heart, as without any doubt you are going to have a lifetime experience. The most thrilling activity to indulge in Dubai is dune bashing. Dubai is famous for its desert adventures. Dune bashing is driving over the dunes at different speeds. This thrilling activity will kick start your adventurous trip to Dubai. You can go on this adventure at any time. Although Sunsets and sunrises are preferable timings. You sure don’t want to miss out on the gorgeous sunset and sunrise with the desert view. It’s beyond beautiful. There is no upper age limit for this activity. However, the minimum age to indulge in this activity is three years old.

After the roller-coaster ride on the dunes, you can stay back and enjoy the sunset along with Arabian delicacies. Enjoy the camel ride to your campsite, the lavish meal, and sand boarding after a great session of dune bashing.

IMG World Dubai Tickets

If you want to explore the adventures in an indoor space, this amusement park is the place for you. The IMG World tickets let you in the IMG World of Adventure. Step into the amusement park and get ready for pure entertainment. Feel the adrenaline rush and get pumped. This amusement park is Dubai’s first multi-themed indoor amusement park. The park is separated into zones with different themes. Hold onto your excitement as two of the zones are represented by the world-famous Cartoon Network and Marvel. There are themes of IMG Boulevard and the Lost Valley- Dinosaurs Adventure Zones.

The park is spread over almost 1.5 million square feet. It is Dubai’s one of the best places to visit. The adventure seekers will surely be satiated after the experience. Enjoy ample of your time easily in this park to explore all the zones.


Ready to feel the heartbeat? The most exhilarating activity to explore in Dubai is skydiving. Imagine the Arial view of the glamour city with tall skyscrapers, spectacular landscape, and mesmerizing vistas. Take the leap and experience skydiving in Dubai. It is even the best place for beginners to start. Jump from the height of 4000 meters and enjoy the bird’s eye view. The free-fall from gorgeous locations will be a pleasure to the eyes. The adventurer in you will be calmed after this power-packed thrilling activity.

Scuba Diving

The underwater world awaits you. The enchanting marine life and the turquoise water will fill your heart with happiness. Scuba diving is another adventurous activity to take part in Dubai. Explore the Persian Gulf and witness the aquatic animals. Scuba diving in Dubai is customized both for beginners and advanced divers. There are plenty of places across the city for diving. But surely one place stands out the most. Scuba diving at Grand Jumeirah Beach of Dubai is once in a lifetime opportunity. The instructors are well trained and you are safe in their hands. Keep the worry aside and take a dip into the water. Explore the life beneath for straight two hours. Another bonus is that the many hotels along the Jumeirah beach offer a free scuba diving experience. So do a little research before you finalize your stay.

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