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3 Great Vegetarian Dishes for a Party in Singapore

In the modern world, people everywhere are exposed to many different types of cuisines and diets that they wouldn’t have been able to before. We have so many choices of food that can tailor our specific health needs and preferences. And in a health-conscious society, it’s not surprising that most people are gravitating towards Singapore vegetarian food.

Are you throwing a party or any special occasion? It might be in your best interests to check the dietary preferences of your guests! For example, people with allergies can’t eat certain foods, as with those on vegetarian, vegan, or similar types of diets. Why not impress your friends by cooking up some great vegetarian dishes for them?

Easy vegetarian dishes that you can make at parties

Sure, you can order from a vegetarian online delivery and make things easier, but there’s nothing quite like a home-cooked dish that can delight your taste buds. There are a lot of vegetarian dishes that are easy for beginners to cook.

Here are some great ideas for dishes that make for cheap and good vegetarian food in Singapore.

  1. Potato or pumpkin soup. There are a lot of hearty all-vegetarian soups that you can make. Use coconut cream or vegetable broth as thickeners, and it’ll make for one hearty recipe.
  2. Veggie pizzas. Pizza is a perennial favourite that’s enjoyed by many. Why not put a veggie spin on it by putting a vegetarian spin on it? Using vegan cheeses or crowd favourites like mushrooms, tomatoes, and bell peppers make for tasty alternatives.
  3. Explore Asian foods. Many Asian dishes are vegetarian by nature. Rice noodles and healthy Asian recipes are available online for you to see.

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